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We offer a fixed fee for an agreed divorce of £750 plus vat and court fees of £410

Amicable divorce and separation cases take approximately 4-5 months to resolve. If your case involves children or financial concerns, it can sometimes take longer. We recommend discussing your case at our no obligation initial consultation where we can advise you on timescales and costs. If your case becomes confrontational, Shortlands will work with a team of experts to ensure that it is fully prepared before presenting it in court. At this stage we will review timescales so that you are fully aware of the procedure and tasks involved.

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Procedure for an Agreed Divorce

If you and your spouse have reached the difficult decision that you wish to end your relationship quickly, then the procedure for this is simple. An ‘agreed’ petition can be filed with the court with your original Marriage Certificate and a fee. The other party will then be sent sealed copies of the petition, together with an Acknowledgement of Service form to complete indicating that they are happy for the divorce to proceed. There is no need for either party to attend court. The procedure is simple and essentially administrative.

However, you may wish to seek advice from a lawyer to ensure all paperwork has been completed properly to avoid delay and complications in the future.

See our flowchart for a simple overview: Divorce Flowchart

For more extensive advice and information please email or call us to book a initial consultation.


I have found Shortlands an extremely professional and understanding firm. My solicitor Sian Whittaker has always explained proceedings in a manner that is easy to understand and the knowledge and advice given has always been supportive and invaluable.I feel that my work is being handled very professionally and they are very prompt with their replies to my questions. I would not therefore hesitate in recommending them.
Lee Kimberley
Dear Shortlands, A very big thank you for all your help regarding my case, brilliant service provided and I will be recommending your good name to all who seek legal representation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to be married before I can start a divorce?

You have to be married for at least one year before divorce can be commenced.

Do I have to divorce in the country where the marriage took place?

No. You are able to divorce in the UK as long as you or your spouse have been resident here for at least one year before starting your case, or you and your spouse are domiciled in the UK.

If my spouse and I have been separated for two years, are we automatically divorced?

No.The same procedure has to be followed before divorce is finalised.See Our Flowchart

What paperwork do I need to start a divorce?

– A divorce petition
– Original Marriage Certificate, with translation if appropriate
– A fee

How long does it take to divorce?

An ‘agreed divorce’ takes about 5-6 months to finalise

What happens if I cannot find my spouse?

You are still able to divorce by showing the court that you have made attempts to locate them. The facts of 2 years’ separation with consent or adultery should not be relied upon in this instance.


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