Wentworth Cecil Gurney

Wentworth has over 3 years’ experience working as a paralegal at Shortlands Law Firm. Wentworth achieved a distinction in the Legal Practice Course and is currently working towards qualifying as a solicitor through the Equivalent Means route.

Areas of Expertise

Wentworth specialises in the following areas of law:
He also has extensive experience dealing with contractual disputes and property disputes.


Recent Testimonials

‘Before working with Wentworth, I had no legal knowledge and believed that I had lost before I had even begun. Wentworth helped me understand the legal process and allowed me to feel confident about my situation. He advised me with knowledge to the smallest of details in order for me to be able to make my own informed decisions. I feel he has gone above and beyond to help me. I highly recommend him.’ – Geraldine Ward


‘A massive thank you to Alastair and Wentworth from Shortlands Law Firm for a great job well done in regard to my case of unfair dismissal from my place of work. Alastair and Wentworth worked together as a great team on my case to make sure that the outcome of my case was dealt with very well and we didn’t need to go to court in the end.’ – Geraldine Odigie


‘Me and my mother had the help of Wentworth and we were very pleased with how helpful and great he was. Very much recommend!’ – Marco Pedata


I am immensely grateful to this firm and specifically Wentworth Gurney who quickly grasped the complexity of my probate/purported multiple-marriages case, advised accordingly and wrote a powerful letter for my case. The letter, packed with case law, formed the foundations of my case. I highly recommend the firm, in particular Wentworth, who advised me well and worked hard on my case. – Ada


The firm has really supported me in difficult times. Wentworth has worked on my case for two years dealing with complex issues which were not his area of expertise but he very quickly grasped concepts and produced a very high quality administration. Thank you for everything! – Anonymous

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