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Geraldine Ward
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Before working with Wentworth, I had no legal knowledge and believed that I had lost before I had even begun. Wentworth helped me understand the legal process and allowed me to feel confident about my situation. He advised me with knowledge to the smallest of details in order for me to be able to make my own informed decisions. I feel he has gone above and beyond to help me. I highly recommend him.
Zeddi Yousufzai
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“It has been superb and much in detail explanation and put all the options in front of me.. very happy with Shabana ..”
Babar Shahid
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Shortlands Solicitors were very professional, easy to interact with and responded very quickly. Would highly recommend!
Dmitry Ilchenko
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I worked with Shortlands and Shabana Walayat on an Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) court case that was filed against me by my ex-partner in September 2022.

The case involved splitting the family finances and a significant and retrospective top up of payments over and above the Child Maintenance Support payments that I was already paying.

The case has been resolved by a Consent Order which I am very happy about.

I can highly recommend Shortlands and Shabana for supporting my defence, dealing with a huge amount of documentation, correspondence with my ex-partner and generally guiding me through the peculiarities of the English Family Law.

I was particularly impressed with the professionalism, promptness and good will of Shabana. We worked on a fixed fee basis, so it was assured that all the case details that I wanted to highlight were covered in full.

Another point to mention was the strong choice of my barrister, which was also recommended by Shabana. He managed the court hearing very well and was able to deliver a strong result.

Overall, well done Shortlands and I would certainly recommend you!
Inocenta Breen
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Before I found Shabana Walayat I talked to three other divorce lawyers. They all said that my case was hopeless. My then partner planned the divorce strategy way before we even got married. Nobody wanted to take my case. I was devastated, my future looked bleak. He was coming onto me from all sides, manipulative, vicious web of lies and controlling measures. He gained every advantage he could possibly get, over me.

Then, I found Shabana. She took her time to listen to my story and asked relevant questions - going into details that I didn’t realise how important they were. She was extremely empathic and understanding, yet professional and firm on giving legal advice and making sure I follow up. Every session with Shabana was like attending the best therapy in town. You’d leave empowered and 10 tonnes lighter, shedding worries and troubles off your shoulder.

Only at the divorce proceedings at court, I realised how massive work went behind the scenes. Her outstanding preparation for the case couldn’t bring anything less than an absolute success. She had team of professionals involved in doing forensics, listing findings that would support my case.

She provided an utmost care about my comfort and peaceful state of mind in this horrible divorce, and even went as far as to securing a private room in the court and arranging for a personal speaker / negotiator, who would speak to the other party on my behalf. And what a negotiator that lady was - she blew my socks off!

I could not believe that in such traumatic divorce circumstances you can actually feel safe and comforted. It was an incredible privilege to have Shabana - such powerful and capable lawyer by my side. To me Shabana is the best divorce lawyer in the UK, no doubt! I highly recommend her services and I am forever in debt to her.

And let’s not forget about Wajiha Shah, Shabana's assistant. She will welcome you at the door like you are the most precious family member, with warmth, positivity and sunny disposition. She will make you feel at ease instantly. Professionally - she ensures you have all the relevant documentation intact and she maintains contact even after the case is finalised (unheard of!). Thank you for all your love and support!
Saad Kassab
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Shortlands have been recommended highly to me by a close friend. They took over my case, looked after me and my interests extremely well. Fees reasonable and clear with no hidden agendas. It was the best move that I have ever done, and my case completed successfully thanks to their care and help. I cannot Thank them or recommend them highly enough. Much appreciated, I am starting my life back again. GOD Bless you
Mr Phillips
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I have found Shortlands an extremely professional and understanding firm. My solicitor Sian Whittaker has always explained proceedings in a manner that is easy to understand and the knowledge and advice given has always been supportive and invaluable.I feel that my work is being handled very professionally and they are very prompt with their replies to my questions. I would not therefore hesitate in recommending them.
Ana Maria Serrano
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I have found Shortlands a very approachable firm in dealing with my separation and divorce matters. They have been professional; respecting my point of view and providing the best advice on each situation. It has been very easy to communicate with them via email and on the phone. I certainly don’t think I would have been able to go through the process without their expertise and I am very happy to recommend them.
Nicholas Green
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I have been in receipt of legal advice from Shortlands on a variety of matters for five years. This advice mainly concerned family law. Throughout this time, I have found the quality of the legal advice received to be strong. One matter did end up in court and Shortlands was able to appropriately defend my position with the court result going in my favor. In addition to the quality of the legal advice, Shortlands has a professional support team behind it. In summary, I do have genuine confidence in the firm both in terms of its legal advice and its service levels.
Michelle Fernandez
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I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks Shabana and her Team for their excellent work, professionalism and understanding, at a time when things were very stressful. I am grateful that my numerous phone calls and emails were always promptly replied to which was very much appreciated. I felt I had dedicated support and so much more. I would highly rectommend Shortlands Solicitors and would definitely use them again in the future. Many, many thanks again for everything, you were brilliant
Andrew Darfoor
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Shortlands attorneys led by Shabana Walayat are the best and most cost effective lawyers you could ever ask for. My divorce and custody battle has been complicated, long with a complex international dimension. My previous lawyers had been incompetent in grappling the various components, but Shortlands have exceeded my expectations and together we have won a number of judgments. Not only are they great lawyers with intellect and understanding of case law, but they have taken my case as if it were their own. I would not hesitate to recommend them for complex international cases.
Juliana Marx
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I would unreservedly recommend Shabana Walayat to anyone seeking help with childcare arrangements after separation/divorce or the matter of relocation. For what was a traumatic time in my life, Shabana gave me reassurance and handled my case with great expertise. I felt she was in charge of the situation throughout. She helped me gain a clear picture of the legal procedures and it’s terminology. Shabana and her team always responded to my requests quickly and kept me in the loop of the ongoing developments. Her approach to her work as a lawyer I experienced as both – compassionate and highly professional. And that I am truly thankful for.
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I would like to thank Shortlands for providing me with excellent service. They not only guided me professionally at each step, they were available for me with emotional support as well.

There were times when I felt like giving up and thought I will lose but Shabana gave me strength and reassurance that it will all be fine. The whole legal process was extremely overwhelming for me but the way Shabana and Wajiha stood by my side, the way they worked on my case and dealt with difficult opponent is commendable. I couldn’t have asked for a better firm to represent me.

I won my case thanks to their dedication and support. I’m still in touch with them and they still guide me and advise me if I need any assistance. I wish them all the best. May they continue to flourish and give justice to people.

Extremely happy with them.
Sara Hayter
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During not only an extremely difficult time but also a complex divorce and settlement of finances, I found the staff at Shortlands to be extremely supportive and understanding. Shabana Walayat was in the main handling my case and I was always impressed by her quick grasp of the personalities involved and how she responded appropriately and effectively each time a particularly challenging obstacle arose. Both Saeed Hassan and Sian Whittaker also took on aspects of the case, Saeed handling the commercial aspects of the divorce and Sian taking on the final financial settlement and consent order. I found all three solicitors to be sensitive to my particular circumstances and they worked well to a positive and fair outcome. The professional service together with the friendly and understanding support staff meant that the process was considerably less distressing than it otherwise could have been. I would confidently highly recommend Shortlands in cases such as mine.
Lee Kimberley
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Dear Shortlands,

A very big thank you for all your help regarding my case, brilliant service provided and I will be recommending your good name to all who seek legal representation.
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I am immensely grateful to this firm and specifically Wentworth Gurney who quickly grasped the complexity of my probate/purported multiple-marriages case, advised accordingly and wrote a powerful letter for my case. The letter, packed with case law, formed the foundations of my case. I highly recommend the firm, in particular Wentworth, who advised me well and worked hard on my case.
Maria Scott
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Getting a divorce was not an easy decision to make. So finding the right solicitors was so important.

I found Shortlands’ details on the internet. At the consultation they took the time to listen to me and then walked me through the divorce process, which was quite daunting. Without hesitation I decided to go with them.

My divorce involves a complex financial matter which is taking longer than expected but Shortlands have guided me throughout and I’m hopeful of a positive conclusion.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this law firm to anyone.
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The firm has really supported me in difficult times. Wentworth has worked on my case for two years dealing with complex issues which were not his area of expertise but he very quickly grasped concepts and produced a very high quality administration. Thank you for everything!
Geraldine Odigie
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A massive thank you to Alastair and Wentworth from Shortlands Law Firm for a great job well done in regard to my case of unfair dismissal from my place of work. Alastair and Wentworth worked together as a great team on my case to make sure that the outcome of my case was dealt with very well and we didn’t need to go to court in the end.
Marco Pedata
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Me and my mother had the help of Wentworth and we were very pleased with how helpful and great he was. Very much recommend!
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Thank you both for helping me through this sad process; you made it straightforward and much less painful than it could have been. I am of course relieved it is over. Excellent service, highly professional and humane.

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