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For an initial legal advice about getting a divorce or other family law matters, call our divorce solicitors. You can call directly or book an appointment for online consultation (FIXED COST)

Separation and Divorce solicitors in London

If you are considering a divorce or separation from your partner, Shortlands family lawyers are trained in achieving the best result quickly and with as little confrontation as possible. We work with you to identify the fact that you need to rely upon and apply only those terms that work best for you.

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Divorce Financial Settlement

Contact our divorce lawyers for a financial agreement, when you divorce.

International Divorce

Getting an international divorce? Our experts can guide to the key elements of divorce across borders.

Divorce and Child Custody

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High Net Worth Divorce

Prenuptial agreement solicitors – Book a free consultation now. High net worth divorce Lawyers

Contested Divorce Lawyers

Speak to our solicitors for complex divorces cases involving high net worth individuals

Mediation Solicitors

Contact our family mediation experts – For divorce & children mediation legal matters

If you live or work in the Shoreditch area and need the services of a family solicitor, then take a closer look at Shortlands. A family solicitors’ firm of good standing and solid experience, Shortlands offers legal help and advice on a range of family law issues, such as divorce, child contact, adoption, Wills and probate. Shortlands operates in and around Shoreditch and across London.

Looking for a family law solicitor?

Shortlands is a specialist family law firm with offices in the Shoreditch area, covering London and its surrounding areas. We have more than ten years’ experience helping families and individuals with issues around divorce and separation, child-related arrangements around access and financial support, probate, Wills and other aspects of family law.

Our professional team of family solicitors will work closely with you to resolve your issues, whether that is through mediation, collaboration or through the legal courts system. We can help you understand where you stand on a particular matter and support you throughout your case to protect the safety and welfare of any children involved, as well as handle the redistribution or protection of any financial assets, properties or business interests.

Do you need to speak to a divorce lawyer?

If you and your partner have reached the stage in your relationship when you are considering separation or divorce, it is crucially important that you understand your rights and responsibilities throughout the process. As specialist divorce lawyers, we can help you with mediation and negotiations, as well as work towards finalising your divorce as quickly as possible and with the minimum of pain and stress.

Our team of divorce law solicitors have many years of experience handling separations of all natures and know how to handle more sensitive areas such as access arrangements for any children involved, alimony settlements and the handling of any pre-nuptial paperwork. Whatever your situation is, we can help you navigate your way through your separation or divorce.

Child arrangement lawyers in Shoreditch

Whether you are in need of advice from a child custody lawyer or wish to understand how to protect and provide for your children after a divorce or separation, Shortlands can offer you professional advice and support. As a children and families law firm of some standing, our expert teams have built up an extensive knowledge of the law pertaining to children and young people and can help you navigate your way through any legal issues and complications.

We can also work with families going through the process of fostering or adopting children to ensure a smooth transition into family life. Shortlands also has experience helping clients with legal matters around international child protection and access arrangements involving two or more countries or legal jurisdictions.

Why you should choose Shortlands solicitors

At Shortlands we put our clients’ interests and feelings ahead of all other considerations, working to ensure that their family-related dispute or legal matter is resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. Our professional, yet compassionate approach offers peace of mind and helps our clients get through some of the more difficult times in their life more easily, as well as put plans in place to safeguard the future for themselves and their loved ones. We offer a fixed-fee, initial consultation, so pick up the phone today and find out how your family law solicitors in Shoreditch can help you.


Ready to speak to our family lawyers in Kennington?

If you need professional advice and a compassionate, reliable approach to your family law issue, then speak to our friendly team of Shoreditch family lawyers today. We can let you know where you stand and offer advice on how to proceed with any associated legal activities or communications. Call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every UK family solicitor law firm will have its own schedule of costs that you can request when you first het in touch with them. Costs will be based on the level of expertise of your allocated solicitor, their time and resources spent on your case and any additional expenses that come up as the case progresses.

A family law solicitor handles issues requiring legal intervention or advice relating to the family, such as divorce, adoption and fostering or probate. They provide expert advice, arrange mediation, oversee paperwork and support the client and provide input into any associated court cases. 

Legal Aid is usually granted to people who would not otherwise be able to afford legal fees to pay for expert representation in court. It is only granted after a set of specific circumstances and assurances are met.

Many family law firms offer online consultations, particularly since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic which has increased the scope of remote services for many sectors across the UK, including law. Speak to your family solicitor to find out how they operate online.

The first thing to do when contemplating divorce is to engage the services of a good family law solicitor. Next, make sure you have all relevant financial information to hand and have given serious consideration to access, living arrangements and finances pertaining to any children, minors or vulnerable people who may be involved.

Professional legal help for every client

We work with you to identify the fact that you need to rely upon and apply only those terms that work best for you.

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