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Shortlands is a boutique family law firm that is located in the heart of London. Our team of expert lawyers has been expanding continuously since 2004. We have worked on some of the toughest divorce cases both in the UK and abroad. We offer full family law services and can help with cases that involve financial disputes between the parties or the other most common issue: child arrangements. Since divorce does not only affect the two involved parties, children are often the ones that go through a lot of hardships. We are here to resolve these issues and set up arrangements in a timely manner.

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In many divorce cases, both parties have 

Divorce Solicitors in Mayfair

reached the decision to agreed divorce. This simplifies the procedure; an agreed petition is filed with the court along with your original marriage certificate. Both parties are sent copies of the petition together with an acknowledgement of service form that needs to be completed. These cases take anywhere between 4-5 months to resolve but if children are involved or any financial issues, it can lead to an extended period of time. Shortlands will work closely with you to fully prepare everything before presenting it to the court.

Child Arrangements and Custody Lawyers 

During a divorce, the most dramatic and difficult part is often child arrangements and custody. If the relationship between both parties has dissolved, then it might be difficult for them to reach an agreement for

the child or children involved. This is where we come in. Shortlands can help you reach the best arrangements for you and your child. Shortland’s child specialists will help you resolve family disputes involving the custody of children away from the court. These matters can take over a longer period of time and also the costs involved. Our goal is to have the child maintain a positive and healthy relationship with both of the parents involved. Our specialists will encourage the parties to agree matters through mediation since this is always the best way to show your child that you are in a good relationship despite the divorce.

Financial Settlement Post Divorce Mayfair

Most people want to be protected and comfortable financially after a divorce. This might be the case especially when you are in custody of any children. We at Shortlands fully understand this and will work with you to achieve a realistic settlement that will enable you to retain assets, pension rights and income in order to move on to your future life after the divorce. All cases are individual and none of them is alike. There is no specific way to predict how much and what you will get in the quantity of money. We will always encourage both parties to come to an agreement but if that is not the case then we ensure you that the best possible settlement will be achieved for you and your children.

What are the factors affecting the settlement?

There are many different factors that affect a financial settlement for you and your child. Here is a small list of them:

  •  Duration of marriage
  •  What the age of the parties are
  •  Earnings of each party
  •  Any disabilities
  •  Any special accommodations needed for each party and children

The courts will also always try to achieve a clean break whenever possible but that is not always the case.

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