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Shortlands family law specialists are based in West London and have more than a decade of experience handling divorces, facilitating family mediations and advising on matters of family law. Our team of specialist divorce solicitors West London have built up years of solid professional experience, which they combine with a sympathetic approach and a practical outlook when it comes to handling often complex and sensitive legal concerns. We can handle all kinds of divorce and separation cases, from highly complex situations to simpler requirements that need gentle guidance through the family law courts in and around West London.

Shortlands family lawyers can handle any aspects of your divorce or separation, from securing agreements around caring for children and other dependants form the marriage to financial matters pertaining to their ongoing maintenance and support, as well as property and housing disputes, pre-nuptial agreements and their resolution and how to divide and resolve pensions, savings and other assets following a split.

Our expert divorce lawyers in West London can also advise on matters pertaining to children’s future contact with grandparents, siblings and extended family members, as well as how to handle school administration, medical decisions and contact agreements for holidays and special occasions. We look after our clients with consideration and care, gently guiding them through the process and ensuring they feel confident and comfortable with how their case is proceeding. Our clients know that we are on their side and that they can trust us to act in their best interests as their chosen family lawyers at all times.

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It is always wise to choose your specialist family law firm carefully, as family law can be a highly complex and emotional process and you must feel confident that you are working with experts that understand your requirements and act in your best interests. Some cases can take longer to resolve than others and you must feel involved and informed at every step. If you are based in West London, please give us a call to find out how we can help. Our team of divorce solicitors West London and family lawyers have over a decade of experience between them of working in family law in and around West London.

Shortlands solicitors not only deals with matters around divorce and separation, we also offer export advice and support in the areas of cohabitation and pre-nuptial agreements, adoption and child rearing issues, grandparents’ rights, family property and housing law, domestic violence, probate, tax-efficient estate planning and Wills. We also work with clients from anywhere in the UK and from overseas, so long as the English or Welsh courts of law have jurisdiction over the pertinent divorce or family dispute.

Please contact us today to book a no-obligation consultation with one of our family solicitors at our offices in West London. During this session, we will discuss the details of your case or legal problem and advise you of your options should you appoint us as your legal representatives.

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