Pre-nuptial / Post-nuptial / Cohabitation / Separation Agreements

If you come into a relationship with your own property or inheritance, especially if you have dependants, it makes sense to enter into an agreement protecting those assets from division in the event of a breakdown of the relationship. This will save hostility, time, money and avoid a lot of stress. Your property can also be protected by entering into a Post Nuptial Agreement post-marriage, leaving you free to enjoy your relationship.


 If you separate, all issues can be agreed upon and embroiled in a Separation Agreement so that you can lead your lives and look to the future without the need for court intervention.


All Agreements will cover relatively the same issues that arise upon separation, such as division of assets, financial provision for a party and/or children and child agreements. Presently Matrimonial Agreements are not legally binding, but current case law shows that they are being relied upon heavily if the agreement has been entered into with the benefit of expert advice.


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