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Corona-virus Message – Important Message for all new and existing clients

  Most of our clients and staff are understandably nervous about the effects of the Coronavirus on our daily lives. Our desire to continue to provide great service to our clients is tempered by the need to keep our clients and our staff safe. Our response and approach to rapidly unfolding events is as follows: Our offices are now effectively closed with most staff working remotely. We are currently operating a skeleton staff within the...
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How long does a divorce take?

Divorces and their individual ramifications are as distinct and unique as the marriages and legal unions they were designed to dissolve. Each partnership will have different circumstances to take into account, including children and other dependents, financial commitments, assets and savings, pre-nuptial agreements and many, many emotional and practical decisions to be made. From start to finish When asking the question, how long does a divorce take from start to finish, it is important to...
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How Are Assets Divided in a UK Divorce? Is a Divorce splitting your assets UK?

How are assets divided in a divorce? Going through a divorce is a difficult time when many decisions have to be made. There are normally multiple issues around children, finances and property that are difficult to resolve and require lengthy negotiations before a mutual agreement can be reached. While there are several aspects of divorce that are common to most, if not all cases, each divorce will be slightly different and will require careful handling...
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What am I Entitled To In a Divorce Settlement?

Divorce Settlement  When a couple gets divorced there are many important issues to resolve, from where the children are going to live and with whom to how any financial assets from the marriage will be divided up. It is always best to try and come to an amicable agreement with your former partner, however, this cannot always be possible. A divorce solicitor or mediator can help separating couples agree on how best to reach a...
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The lowdown on civil partnerships

In June 2018, a heterosexual couple won the legal right to enter into a civil partnership instead of a marriage in the UK. Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan from London successfully convinced the Supreme Court that the current status of the UK’s 2004 Civil Partnership Act, which currently only applies to same-sex couples, is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights. While the judgement does not compel the UK government to change the law...
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