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Crisis at Christmas?

It is a well-known fact that divorce rates increase exponentially straight after Christmas, as couples feel the strain of being thrown together to play ‘happy families’ and trying to please and placate everyone involved. For those already experiencing strife in their relationship, this can often be the final straw and ‘getting a divorce’ is all too often added to the New Year’s resolutions list. Although the prospect of a strained Christmas can seem unbearable, there...
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Planning the perfect prenuptial agreement

Planning a wedding and dreaming of a long and happy future together is extremely exciting, but it mustn’t overshadow the serious implications of combining finances and making long-term commitments together, such as starting mortgages, running family businesses and, of course, raising children. It may seem less than romantic, but opting for a prenuptial agreement (or ‘pre-nup’) that clearly lays out the obligations of each person, should the marriage fail, is a prudent way to protect...
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Divorce advice for Women

An interesting call was received at the offices one afternoon when a woman asked whether she would have to leave the family home as she had committed adultery – her husband had advised her this was the case. There are a lot of women who feel as vulnerable, frightened and confused as this caller especially if they feel that are the cause of the breakdown and have been reliant on their partner financially. My simple...
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Top 5 Questions to ask your divorce solicitor

Going through a divorce is one of life’s more stressful experiences.  There is a lot of information you suddenly need to take in at a time in your life when emotions are running high and you may find yourself unable to focus properly.  Here are some of the questions you need to ask your divorce solicitor when you first meet them in order to arm yourself for the fight ahead. 1-What costs are involved? Solicitors...
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The Islamic marriage – valid or invalid?

The Muslim population is rising in the UK forming about 5% of the whole population. Many Muslims living in England and Wales marry according to Sharia Law (“The Nikah”) and do not feel the need to enter into a civil ceremony as they feel married in the eyes of God. However, the Nikah, although recognised as a marriage in an Islamic country, does not constitute a valid marriage for the purposes of English Law. The...
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