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How to Keep in Contact With Children After Divorce

When parents split up, there are countless decisions to be made about future arrangements for their children. Chief amongst which is where the child will live, and with whom. Depending on the child’s age and capacity for understanding the consequences of making decisions like this, the child can have a say in what happens to them, and all decisions taken must be in their best interests. This leads on to the tricky area of having...
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What you need to know about adopting a child

Adopting a child is a major undertaking and one that can bring enormous joy and lifelong fulfilment to everyone involved. However, it is also an emotionally charged process that needs to be handled with tact, care and the most diligent preparation and research. Here are some areas to consider when thinking about adopting a child. Expert advice Seek help from professional bodies and organisations that can help you early on in the process. This includes...
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Helping Children Through Divorce

It is estimated that around 300,000 children are affected by their parents getting divorced or splitting up after co-habiting every year.  It can be an extremely traumatic time for them as everyone tries to get to grips with the evolving situation.  There is, however, much that parents, family and friends can do to help them navigate their way through and come to terms with their new way of life.  Often, the way that parents break...
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