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Inheritance disputes and how to resolve them

Wills and their contents can prove a highly emotional issue for some families. In the midst of grieving for a loved one, finding out that their wishes didn’t tally with your expectations can be a shocking and upsetting thing to deal with. If you feel that there has been a genuine mistake or misunderstanding, there are ways in which you can contest a Will and seek legal help to try and rectify the situation. Where’s...
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Grandparents and family breakdowns

When a marriage breaks down, the vast majority of the focus is, quite rightly, on the separating couple and their children. However, in many families, they are not the only casualties. Grandparents often play a significant role in the lives of their grandchildren, from collecting and taking to school to having them to stay in the holidays and providing another source of advice, financial support and cuddles. Yet they are often side-lined during a divorce...
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Coping with school summer holidays when you are separated

Roughly one quarter of British families are single parent families nowadays, dealing with the day-to-day challenges of raising children alone. While any time of year can bring with it many complications for families in this situation, a key time for conflict can often be the lead up to the long school summer holidays. Financial pressures, child care concerns and the desire to keep things fair and equitable can often cause emotions to run high. Here...
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Planning the perfect prenuptial agreement

Planning a wedding and dreaming of a long and happy future together is extremely exciting, but it mustn’t overshadow the serious implications of combining finances and making long-term commitments together, such as starting mortgages, running family businesses and, of course, raising children. It may seem less than romantic, but opting for a prenuptial agreement (or ‘pre-nup’) that clearly lays out the obligations of each person, should the marriage fail, is a prudent way to protect...
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What you need to know about adopting a child

Adopting a child is a major undertaking and one that can bring enormous joy and lifelong fulfilment to everyone involved. However, it is also an emotionally charged process that needs to be handled with tact, care and the most diligent preparation and research. Here are some areas to consider when thinking about adopting a child. Expert advice Seek help from professional bodies and organisations that can help you early on in the process. This includes...
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