January 11, 2018 - Shortlands Law Firm

January 11, 2018

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Litigants in Person

It is a well known fact that Litigant in Person’s are now flooding the courts, mainly due to the limited availability of legal aid and due to the easy access to information on the internet.  It is a confusing and stressful task to conduct your own case, especially when you are dealing with disputes in relation to your children and finances. Shortlands Law Firm Ltd accepts many cannot afford to instruct a solicitor throughout their...
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The Islamic marriage – valid or invalid?

The Muslim population is rising in the UK forming about 5% of the whole population. Many muslims living in England and Wales marry according to Sharia Law (“The Nikah”) and do not feel the need to enter into a civil ceremony as they feel married in the eyes of God. However, the Nikah, although recognised as a marriage in an Islamic country, does not constitute a valid marriage for the purposes of English Law. The...
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The new Child Arrangement Programme What is it? is it working?

The old “Residence” and “Contact” Orders (most commonly known in the past as custody and access) were replaced with the introduction of the Children & Families Act 2014, with Child Arrangements Orders, in April last year.  This new term seeks to reduce animosity and the feeling of “winning” and “losing” a child case – all in the best interests of the child. What is it? A       Child Arrangements Order (CAO) means an Order regulating...
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Top 5 reasons why January is the peak month for filing for divorce/separation

It is a well known fact amongst Specialist Family Law Lawyers that the cold month of January represents a surge in the filing of divorce petitions.  In fact, the first Monday in January is known as “Divorce Day”. Why is this? The New Year is seen by many as the time for a fresh start – new resolutions – time for change. Leaving an unhealthy, unhappy and stale relationship is a way of achieving this...
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British Ex-Pat in need of advice about divorce?

We are all aware that many Britons are now living abroad due to work commitments.  Those in Dubai/UAE may find it very difficult to access expert advice in relation to family issues, particularly because the legal system is so different from the UK – a maze, and totally incomprehensible.  However, British ex-pats may still be able to access family justice through the English courts despite living abroad. In the case of divorce, this can be...
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