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What are your cohabitation rights in the UK?

The legal rights you have as a partner depend largely on whether you are married, have entered into a civil partnership or whether you are simply living together without a legal or formal declaration of your partnership. In the latter case, you have fewer rights. Here is a guide about what you can expect and the steps you can take to protect yourself if your cohabiting partnership should come to an unexpected end. Living together...
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Process of Divorce Mediation: What to expect?

Mediation is an important part of the process when it comes to divorce or any other disagreement that cannot be resolved without expert help. It is a voluntary form of alternative dispute resolution, designed to help the different parties involved come to a mutually acceptable agreement about what should happen about the important aspects of a divorce or separation, including child residency arrangements, holiday childcare and ongoing access arrangements, as well as division of assets...
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