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Your Rights

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Your Rights

1. Maintenance Pending Suit:

This is your right to claim a monthly sum to ensure you can meet reasonable living costs pending the final settlement.

2. Payments for You:

This is a right to claim a monthly sum to meet your needs. The amount is dependent on prior needs and disposable income is available. The order can be until re-marriage or death or for a limited time.

3. Monthly Periodical Payments for Your Children:

The Child Maintenance service now calculates the amount to expect from your spouse in respect of child support. A formula is applied and the calculator can be downloaded here. If the parent responsible for the child is working abroad then the matter can be handled by us either through negotiation or through the Court.

4. Lump Sum Payment:

This is an option available depending on the wealth available for distribution.

5. Property Orders:

This is an order detailing, usually, how the family home should be divided. It can also apply to other assets such as bonds, stocks, shares and ISA’s. The property can be sold, transformed or held on trust for the other person up to a certain percentage pending the children ceasing minority.

6. Pension Order:

This is your right to claim a pension sharing order or an earmarking order so that you have some income at the point of retirement. You may have the right to claim all of the above or only a few.
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