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Wills & Probate

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Wills & Probate

Planning your own and your family’s future

Whether you are married, single, separated, divorced or cohabiting, you need an effective Will to look after the future of the people and projects you care about.

Our expert private client lawyer can help you by:

  • Planning in a tax-efficient way
  • Administering your estate sensitively
  • Giving guidance in family disputes over inheritance

If you prefer to deal with the estate yourself, we can provide background advice where necessary.

If court action is needed to protect your inheritance, we give realistic advice while using our expertise to ensure your entitlement is recognized. We can help whenever you need to use the courts in this country even if your family member lived and owned property overseas.

As you grow older we can support you or vulnerable members of your family by drafting Trusts and Powers of Attorney and by making sure your wishes are respected through a Living Will.