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Property & Money Issues

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Property & Money Issues

Despite the increase in couples opting to live together rather than marry the law governing couples rights upon the breakdown of their relationship simply has not caught up with the times. It is complex and offers less protection to the “poorer” partner.

In terms of property the name on the title deeds determines the owner. The other party can make a claim but will need to provide documentary evidence of contribution to the property.

Complicated trust law can also apply in these cases but again evidence of contribution or reliance is essential.

The concept of claiming maintenance upon separation from your partner does not exist and a lump sum payment can only be claimed on behalf of any children. Pension claims cannot be made.

Property and money can be sought for children during their minority but any property provided has to revert to the paying partner, upon child reaching 18 or leaving full time education.

The law is complex so we would advise you to seek advice about your rights at the earliest opportunity.

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