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Living Together

The law pertaining to cohabitation (living together without marriage) is very different to that which applies to married couples.

If you are separating from your cohabiting partner it may be worth while getting to know your legal rights especially in complex matters where property, finances, inheritance, and custody of your children are concerned.

Our team of specialist lawyers have also dealt with numerous cases concerning the future educational needs of the children and inheritance. The law does not provide cohabiting couples with the same legal rights as married couples meaning that the law is complex so we would encourage you to know your rights.

We also encourage both partners to work amicably and aim to resolve the matter through mediation, or collaboration. Our team is certainly well placed to deal with your case without raising conflict. In circumstances where a sterner approach is required to secure your and your children’s’ rights we will discuss the court procedure with you thoroughly before proceeding.

In order to ensure that you are secure from the outset of your relationship we recommend drafting a cohabitation agreement which records you and your partner’s intentions about the split of property and finances and even the time that the children will spend with each parent in the event that the relationship ends. For more extensive advice and information please email or call us to book an initial consultation.

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