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Deciphering the City Professional’s Income/Contract

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Deciphering the City Professional’s Income/Contract

We have vast experience in assisting city professionals and their spouses with financial settlements upon the breakdown of their relationship.

The City Professionals usually have complex income packages and employment contracts. Their package can include share options, vested and unvested shares, drawings, dividends and benefits in kind.

The owner of a business may have low income but have extensive assets in the business. We work with professionals to ensure that we understand the full meaning of any packages and/or business set up so that fair settlement can be reached.

When acting for the wife of a city professional we aim to ensure that we are furnished with all the details of income positions now and in the future so that any settlement reached caters for all future income or capital to be achieved.

When acting for the City Professional we aim to ensure that no unreasonable settlement is readily causing difficulties in the future. We aim to take into account any risks they may face.

Our team of expert barristers, forensic accountants, business valuers provide the best advice available to achieve the best for our city clients.

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