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Reputation Management in Divorce

A good reputation can take years to build but only moments to collapse. Coming out of divorce many clients’ interests lie in keeping their reputation intact weedy .

Divorce proceedings and reputation damage can open up problems that may last for a long time should you not be careful and wary. It can be stressful and cause emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety and hurt, all of which could cause you to act in a hastily or in a manner that you may not naturally do.

During divorce proceedings these emotions need to be held in order to prevent anything being done that may unnecessarily harm the proceedings or your reputation.

As lawyers it is our job to make sure you stay on track in doing everything in your power to make the legal situation easier for you and protect your reputation throughout. As a family solicitor it will be made clear that for your best interest you must be careful with certain things:


Posts on social media:

Posting things online can be dangerous as it is available for everyone to see so you must be careful of the information that you share. These are put in the public domain so do not expect any privacy when posting anything.


Spending extravagantly:

Be careful on what you’re spending, your statements will be seen by the courts. Don’t spend unnecessarily or extravagantly when bank statements will be looked at, this may make you look worse and weaken your position.



Talking to acquaintances or family friends in depth about the situation going on causes gossip, and word to spread. Be aware of whom you are speaking to and what you are saying.

Protecting your reputation is important; it can affect all aspects of your life. If issues are brought up in court it could change the judges view of your character and change his opinions.

Hearing about proceedings can affect your friends and families view on you.

If you air out dirty laundry of you and your partner it could affect the amicability or possibility of amicability, especially important if you have children.

Not only this but if you are in the public eye or an important figure, because of the 2009 decision by the Ministry of Justice to open up family courts to the press means that information that you hoped would stay private might not.

This means that any mistakes you can make, as stated above, will be in the access of the public so people will be aware of things that have occurred during the proceedings.

Reputation management, should you be in the public eye can also, can also help to restrict what the media can post about you. Whether this means filing for injunctions or negotiation privacy agreements with partners or the press to help to keep information protected. Shortlands can assist you with this.

This is important as information posted by the media could cause problems for you, your businesses or even your family members.

Be aware of repercussions when acting hastily in emotions, use these emotions to strengthen you not weaken you. If you need assistance contact us as we have experience in this department to make sure you and your reputation are kept in the exact position it was before the proceedings began.


If maintaining privacy is important you to we can also discuss Family Mediation, Collaborative Law and Arbitration.

Zahraa Khan has just completed her LPC and a Masters in Law and Business.

Zahraa is assisting Austin Chessell. Austin is a Collaborative Family Solicitor and Accredited Family Mediator and PPC at Shortlands.


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