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Wherever possible we try to provide an fixed fee especially if matters are agreed. If the case is pursued at court then again an estimate of costs is provided and updated regularly so that you do not receive a heavy bill at a stressful time. We aim to be reasonable with our costs whist still providing expert and personal service.

Deciphering the City Professional’s Income/Contract

We have vast experience in assisting city professionals and their spouses with financial settlements upon the breakdown of their relationship. The City Professionals usually have complex income packages and employment contracts. Their package can include share options, vested and unvested shares, drawings, dividends and benefits in kind. The owner of a business may have low income but have extensive assets in the business. We work with professionals to ensure that we understand the full meaning...
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Hidden Assets & Disclosure

The English divorce court is very firm about seeking full and frank disclosure about each party’s assets. Firstly a lengthy Form E needs to be completed with documentary evidence attached. If this is not completed fully than a questionnaire can be raised asking pertinent questions about the party’s finances and an order is made at the F.A. for this to be responded to within a certain time. If a party fails to adequately respond to...
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Court Procedure

If an agreement can be reached either through negotiations or mediation the we simply draft a Consent Order and this is lodged with the Court for the Judge to seal. If however, agreement cannot be reached then an application is filed with the Court and the following procedure is followed: A) Application: One party will issue an application setting out the orders sought and the Court will then allocate the case a hearing date. Prior...
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