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Rights arising from Divorce

Both partners are able to seek maintenance for themselves, property settlements, pension orders and lump sum payments once divorce has been initiated. The arrangements for children, issues arising from domestic violence and obtaining full financial disclosure are all above elements of the divorce process that we can help you understand and achieve the best outcome for your behalf. We encourage our clients to share their main concerns at our initial consultation so that we can...
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International Divorce

  If you are living abroad, but still have ties to the UK, or if your spouse is living in the UK, we can assist you with your divorce and any ancillary issues such as finances and child arrangements. For more extensive advice and information please email or call us to book an initial consultation.


Shortlands also specialize in legal separation from your spouse should you not wish to divorce for social or religious reasons. The procedure for a separation and the facts to rely on are the same as a divorce – see Grounds for Divorce and Procedure for an Agreed Divorce. At the end of separation proceedings you remain married, which means that there can be no final financial settlement, although an interim settlement can be agreed or...
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Divorce can be started in England if both parties are residents, or if the respondent is living in England for at least one year before the date of the petition, or the petitioner and the respondent are domiciled in England. It may be the case that one party wishes to start divorce as soon as possible to ensure that England is the country that will deal with any ancillary financial issues. The country in which...
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