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International Abduction

We have regularly dealt with cases where one parent fears abduction of their child by the other to another country. We are expert at taking emergency measures to prevent this in the form of applying for Prohibited Steps Orders. Where a child has already been abducted to another country which is a party to the Hague Convention, then assistance can be sought from the Child Abduction Unit at minimum cost. If abduction has occurred to...
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Moving Abroad

A divorce or separation can often leave a parent feeling lonely and isolated, especially so if they have family abroad. Many may feel the need for a change by moving to a new country, or simply some may need to move abroad for employment reasons or because they now have met a new partner. Where children are involved, choosing to move to a new country is difficult, especially when the other parent resides in the...
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Grandparent’s Rights

Grandparents are usually the forgotten casualties of a divorce or separation. Nowadays, most play a fundamental role in their grandchildren’s lives, but often are forgotten or sidelined when considering the child care arrangements upon a divorce or separation. However, grandparents have rights under the Children Act 1989 to apply for a Child Arrangement Order which would set out the time that they can spend with their grandchildren. This is especially important if one spouse is...
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Parent’s Rights

The law recognizes parents’ rights but is more essentially concerned with the child’s rights and interests – to enjoy a full and loving relationship with both parents. We can assist with the following: Child Arrangement Order – to set out formally the amount of time your child will spend with each parent Parental Responsibility Order – to ensure your rights as a parent are recognized by law Specific Issue Order – to ask the court...
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