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Divorcing in 2017?

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canada goose If you are preparing to say goodbye to your old partner rather than hello to a new one in 2017, then you may want to continue reading….

We all hope, don’t we, that love will last.  After all, it is as “perennial as the grass” isn’t it? Also, is it not only normal for us humans to seek loving, long terms relationships?  Setting off on our journeys together, we focus on our common goals and dreams, rarely stopping (even for a moment) to discuss what might happen if it all breaks down…. Life and love just don’t work like that for most people.

Even so recognising that it is over can be painful, even traumatic. Accepting the situation may take some time, but in the meantime there are things you can do to alleviate the fall out. If you are contemplating a divorce or separation this year, there are some important things to consider which hopefully will make this decision as painless as possible:


celine bags Get an understanding of the overall legal process of divorce.

Preparing the paperwork is an important part of and a practical way in which you can look to moving through this as smoothly as possible.  No matter whether you are choosing a DIY divorce (literally around the kitchen table), instructing a family law solicitor to help, or whether you choose to go through family mediation the starting point is always the same. Learn what your options are, and what they mean before you take any significant action.

In gathering and sharing all your individual and joint financial information, you will both need to collect and collate information about all of your assets; property goose canada, investments, accounts, insurances, vehicles and belongings, right through to pensions and LTIPS.

You will then need to share this information with the other so that you both have an agreed common understanding of your joint financial picture

canada goose Stop the blame game:

This is easier said than done. Finger pointing as to who is responsible for the end of a relationship is easy to do, but ultimately only has the effect of increasing the cost, delay, stress and upset of a divorce. Now is not the time to say “it’s your fault”. Now is the time to ask “how are we going to sort this out so we can move on with our savings and dignity intact.

Taking care of yourself (and each other):

We know divorce is high on the stress scale. It is easy to go off the rails a little bit and find ourselves engaging in all kinds of activities under the banner of “After all I’ve been through, I deserve it”. Do yourself a favour however, and wait until the dust settles before going out to buy that Harley Davidson you’ve always wanted.

Put the children first:

We hear it all the time “I want what’s best for the children”. At the same time, it is not always easy for parents to see through their own difficulties and pain of the divorce to objectively understand what this is. We can tell you that rarely is “the right thing for the children” defined as getting them caught up in or burdened by your conflict.

buy it Finding the right assistance for your circumstances and situation:

celine bags Choose a lawyer and/or mediator well. Before you begin to speak with one of these professionals, work out what you really want from them. Understand the essence of what is most important to you. What to you want your life to look like in one year canada goose, or two years’ time? Is the method of resolution being offered by the professional you are speaking with actually lead to creating this, or does it sound like what they are offering is more akin to a nuclear option?


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