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Sorting out separation app

The government has launched an App to provide more information and to guide couples thinking about, or involved in, separation. The information is useful and provides a good guide to those affected, and their supporters. It promotes the idea of co-parenting where children are involved and urges couples to adopt an amicable and non-confrontational approach on all issues.  Please do view the link below and email us your thoughts on info@shortlands.co.uk . http://www.sortingoutseparation.org.uk/en/hub.aspx

Petrodel v prest – how important is this judgement?

The Judgement in Petrodel and Prest hit the headlines recently because of the contradictions in the husband’s position and the commercial interest in the result. Michael Prest was a successful oil trader. During his marriage which lasted 20 years and produced four teenage children, the family enjoyed a very high standard of living. The family home in London and other properties were owned by three companies, not by the husband personally. But the husband was...
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Domestic violence: it can happen in any household

The recent assault on Nigella Lawson by husband Charles Saatchi has, once again, brought into the limelight the terrible truth that domestic violence can happen to anyone.  Its impact is devastating and traumatic, to not only the individual suffering directly, but also those who are closely linked to them, especially children. The best advice that can be given to an individual subjected to domestic violence is to seek help from a Specialist Family Lawyer and...
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Children: they need both of you

It is no breaking news to say that when parents separate children are impacted.  How badly, depends on you.  Johnathan Depp spoke about putting the children first in his recent interview with Marie Claire. The starting point is always to remember that a child needs to have as full a relationship as possible with both sets of parents to ensure that their physical and emotional development is not adversely affected.  If a relationship with one...
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Managing a divorce/separation

Managing a divorce/separation Choosing to end a relationship or having this decision forced on you is most stressful and affects many areas of your life. It is essential that whilst the process is ongoing you try to relax as much as possible and focus on yourself and the future. Below are some of my suggestions for ways of handling your stress during this often anxious and trying period. Pay attention to your emotional needs It...
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